Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Spice Girls 2.0

When I first heard the Spice Girls were coming back, I laughed.
I figured I'd easily get tickets to see them when they come to New York, and I'd have them all to myself. I'd bring all my 10-year-old merchandise that's been in a shoebox labeled "Spice Girls Memorabilia," and have them autograph it for me.

Here's how I figured: If I was 12 when I was obsessed with them 10 years ago, most 22 year olds are kinda over them. The new 12 year olds are too young to even have heard of them, and are busy running to see Miley Cyrus.

Boy, was I wrong.

Their six, count 'em SIX shows at MSG sold out rather quickly, so my hopes of seeing them are pretty much dashed.

I watched them perform on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and I am having trouble understanding one thing: Why "Stop"?? They've had so many great hits. "Stop" is certainly not one of them. It's one of my least favorite songs of theirs. Maybe "2 become 1" would have been more appropriate.

I wasn't able to see Posh Spice until she moved out from behind that pole.

Sporty Spice is more annoying than she was the first time.

Baby Spice...a British person told me Emma's a bitch in "real life," so I don't like her anymore.

I still love Ginger Spice. She's also a little too skinny.

I think Scary Spice isn't that scary anymore. She looks great, though. I think Dancing with the Stars changed her image (although I never watched it).

The best part is: I can put my Spice Girls CDs back into my CD player and not feel that foolish.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Don't Try Too Hard...

Years ago when Alicia Keys won a Grammy for "Fallin'," I predicted that that would be the last we'd hear of her.

I said that she's very talented, but she was too normal for showbiz.

I'm loving her new single "No One," and honestly, I've liked every single she's released since Fallin. A Woman's Worth, My Boo, If I Ain't Got You... They've all been big hits. Rightfully so.

She's managed to evolve her style, musically, and fashionably, but hasn't sold out. That's a tough balance.

Just letting you know, next time someone's on the Grammys, don't predict their failure. But then again, look at Ricky Martin. Who?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back To You on FOX

With such names as Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton, it's guaranteed that the actors are talented and hilarious.

But as we all know, the writers have a crucial role in the success of a TV show, and for the actors' sakes, I hope all goes well.

I watched some clips on the fox website. There's one possible difficulty in this show, and it's that their previous series a) were very successful, and continue to run in syndication, and b) didn't end too long ago.

If I'm not mistaken, they both aired their final episodes in 2004. A mere 3 years ago. When I first watched the clips, it was Debra Barone and Frasier Crane sitting at a newsdesk. Most people still have them typecast in their mind as the characters they embodied for many years, especially Grammer, playing Frasier for over 11 years.

Fred Willard, who played Amy's father on Everybody Loves Raymond, is on the cast as well, but he's played more diversified roles, so he shouldn't have that problem. He is pretty well-known, and funny as well.

My hope is that viewers will quickly forget Heaton and Grammer's previous characters (because that distracted me a little) and embrace the show that is full of big names and big talent.

Cheers to Back To You! (Oh, jeez, that pun in AWFUL, but I couldn't help it)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney at the VMAs

I didn't bother watching the VMAs, since I was certain they'd show it 6 more times this week alone. They changed their routine however, which I learned after it aired.

I did, however, hear about Britney's "awful" performance, so I went to to check it out.
I watched it twice.

Either I have really low standards, or way too much pity.

I honestly didn't find it to be too bad. The beginning she looked nervous, but she got into her groove and she was fine.

I mean, they say that she was lip-syncing, just like she's done all her life. So, that was expected. As far as her dancing, it was no "Oops, I did it again," (which is what she said when she had Jayden James) but it was good enough.

Oh, and speaking of rude jokes about her kids. Sarah Silverman was very out of place. I feel like I can make a dumb joke like that because I know that Britney Spears will NEVER see this blog. But she was in the room when Silverman said it. Don't you think she feels bad enough about herself already? What does she need to do that before? I think even Kathy Griffin has more of a heart than that. She'd say that at a performance, but not an awards show with Britney RIGHT THERE to hear everything. That's just cruel and beyond insensitive.

And people who said she looked fat must have been looking at Nicole Richie and Ashlee Simpson for too long. It's called HEALTHY, look into it.

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